The Archibald Smith Plantation Home, also known as the Smith Plantation

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home is a historic house located in Roswell, Georgia, United States. It was the home of Archibald Smith, one of the early settlers of Roswell, and his family. The house, built in 1845, is an excellent example of Greek Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Learn more facts here.

The Smith Plantation Home offers visitors a glimpse into the daily life and history of the Smith family and the Roswell community during the 19th century. The house has been preserved and restored to reflect its original appearance, with period furnishings and artifacts. Click here to read about Exploring the History of Vickery Creek Old Mill Machine Shop in Roswell, GA.

Visitors to the Smith Plantation can take guided tours to explore the various rooms of the house, including the parlor, dining room, bedrooms, and the original detached kitchen. The house’s interior showcases the lifestyle and possessions of a prosperous Georgia farming family of that era.

The plantation grounds include several outbuildings, such as a smokehouse, a barn, and a carriage house, which provide insight into the agricultural practices and the economic and social aspects of the time. The grounds also feature beautiful gardens, including a kitchen garden and a formal boxwood garden, which add to the charm of the site.

In addition to regular tours, the Smith Plantation Home hosts educational programs, special events, and exhibits that delve into the history of the Smith family, slavery, and the broader historical context of Roswell. These activities provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the plantation’s significance and the cultural heritage of the region.

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home is a cherished landmark in Roswell, Georgia, offering a rich historical experience and an opportunity to explore the lives of early settlers and the local history of the area.